Purbachal-the eastern sky

Profile of Purbachal-the eastern sky

Established in 1998, Purbachal-the eastern sky is a Bangladeshi Luton-based non-political voluntary cultural organisation.

Vision Statement:

Our vision includes achieving long term goals as follows:

1. Widespread appreciation of Bangladeshi culture and heritage among Bangladeshi and other communities in Luton and beyond;

2. British Bangladeshis, including the younger generations, taking pride in their rich Bangladeshi and British heritage and enjoying their plural identities;

3. Purbachal being a dynamic vehicle for promoting the best of progressive Bangladeshiness and community cohesion in multicultural Britain.

Mission Statement:

To achieve our vision, we will:

  1. Inspire lifelong learning among the Bangladeshi and other communities through celebrations of our culture;

  2. Preserve and protect our history and heritage for our younger and future generations by sharing authentic information and launching cultural events;

  3. Create a deeper understanding and appreciation of our culture among diverse communities by inviting them to our events;

4. Make our community stronger by enabling Bangladeshis to take genuine pride in their origin and backgrounds;

5. Promote peace and community cohesion by being respectful of other cultures and learning wisdom from all the cultures around us.


Our values include:

  1. Our belief in the power of optimism;

  2. High quality of our programmes;

  3. Our belief in the importance of Team work;

  4. Commitment and integrity of all members;

  5. Valuing and recognising the contributions of members;

  6. Respect for authenticity of information, history and heritage, and also having an open mind and eagerness to learn new things, wisdom and skills from others;

  7. Accepting and implementing the core British values of democracy, equality, diversity, rule of law, accountability etc.;

  8. Taking responsibility to enhance the reputation of our organisation.

Executive Committee Members

Dr Nazia Khanum OBE DL


Shahnaz Saad


Moazzem Hussain


Dr Anwarul Haque

General Secretary

A Hadi Faisal

Joint Secretary

Mominur Murad


Shafinaz Payne

Joint Treasurer

Khan Majuba

Social & Cultural Secretary

Sultana Ferdoushi

Joint Social & Cultural Secretary

Zeenat Mannan

Membership Secretary

Farhana Chowdhury

Joint Membership Secretary

Mehedy Kabir

Publicity & Promotion Secretary

Joint Publicity & Promotion Secretary

Fatema Islam

EC Member

M Abdur Raquib

EC Member

Showkatur Rahman Shahin

EC Member

M Farid Ahmed

EC Member

Tahir Khan

EC Member

Urmila Afroz

EC Member

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